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It’s true: working with a writing coach is the best way to go from aspiring writer to successful author.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been dreaming of making your writing project a reality for a long time now. You’re passionate about your story idea. You’re going to finish that book- really! You’re determined to be an author. You’ve sworn you’re going to finally get published. 

But here’s the thing:

You’re stuck. You have writer’s block. There’s something missing. Maybe you’re unfocused, or scared. There’s no instruction manual for writing success. 

Or is there?

What if you could determine what’s holding you back and get access to the kind of personalized tools that can finally take you from aspiring writer to successful author, poet, storyteller, or screenwriter? Sound great? You’ve come to the right place. 

First, let’s figure out what’s really holding you back in your writing career.

Author Karena Akhavein writing coach

Karena Akhavein, Ph.D.

Writing Coach Services for writers

Online courses for writers

Want to sharpen your writing skills, on a budget? Have more to learn, or want to go through a structured, transformational program designed by a PhD writing coach, complete with exercises and personalized attention that will take you from idea to publication in 6 months? Our convenient online courses are exactly what the busy writer needs. Starting here is always a great idea, especially if you’re a newer writer or really trying to level up with your writing.

Office hours

Community is everything. Our convenient weekly office hours give you the opportunity to share your work with your writing coach. Want to ask specific questions but don’t feel you have the time or the budget for a full-blown course or coaching package? Once you’re a member of Writing Coach on Demand, office hours can be attended on a drop-in basis- like yoga class, but for your brain!

One on one coaching

Do you have the feeling you need more personalized attention, writing guidance like a writing mentor could provide? Are you looking for writing feedback or manuscript evaluation? Do you need to get empowered and break through writing blocks? Are you stuck at any point in the creative and writing process, whether it’s in your planning, your mindset, slogging through the middle part of your novel, or elaborating a strategy for sharing your written work with the world? One on one writing coaching can help!


Book Editing

You’ve put your heart and soul into your book- now give it the competitive advantage it deserves! Your book editor has a PhD in literature and lots of experience with whipping any writing project into shape. I love to focus on issues such as story and character development, plot holes, POV or tense issues, and taking your book from good to extraordinary. Editing is teamwork- book a call and let’s see if we’re a good match!

Writing Gear Shop

Did you know that activating the reward centers of your brain can go really far in improving mindset, creativity, and productivity? Give yourself or your favorite writer the gift of writing gear! Mugs, tees, inspirational posters, and even sweats- you’ll find all kinds of gifts for writers here!

More, more, more!

Keep the creativity flowing, get inspired, join the membership program, buy my books, listen to the How to be an Author podcast, find out about retreats, events, new courses  and giveaways, and generally stay in the loop!

Want a writing coach, on a budget? 

Writing Coach on Demand

is for you!

Writing Worksheets

Bonus Writing Podcast Episodes

Writer Mindset Boosts

Multiple weekly office hours

20% discount on all courses and merch 

Online courses for writers

Where will you be in 6 months?

THE masterclass for writers who want to see their writing dreams become a reality. Is it possible to go from story idea to published book in only six months? Absolutely! This writing course covers mindset, writing skills, publishing tips, and actionable author platform info to boot, along with worksheets.

Writing success is rooted in mindset.

This groundbreaking writing course was developed by a writing coach to work on on your deepest held mindsets, so that you can finally become the writer and author you were meant to be. You owe it to yourself and your future readers are counting on you.

Want to make more money so you can write?

Learn to use and focus your innate storytelling talent to create transformational online courses that can earn you evergreen income while building authority and supporting your writing career.


Video is the medium of the future.

As a writer and a creative, you have probably heard that video is one of the best ways to reach potential readers and clients. But it’s not easy to feel comfortable on camera. This course will change your life and have you producing high quality video in no time.

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Writer's block is not why writers fail book. by Karena Akhavein

“The ultimate reference tool for ditching the excuses and going from aspiring writer to successful author.”

What clients are saying…

I was feeling so discouraged but now I am unstuck! I’m really glad I finally made the decision to invest in myself and in my book.

Susanne B

I learned strategies that helped not only with my writing, but also with other key aspects of my creative business.

Linda C

Karena really listened  and took my specific book, goals, and personality into account. She kindly gave me a much needed kick in the butt!

Barbara M

Hi! I’m Karena 

I’m a multi-tasking, coffee and wine-fueled writer, podcaster, and educator with a PhD in literature. I guess you could call me a multi passionate creative.

I was also just like you. I dreamed of being an author. I got a PhD in literature from an Ivy League school, wrote several books, worked in magazines for decades, and worked as a ghostwriter and editor. But there was something missing. Somehow, I still felt like an “aspiring writer” and knew that this attitude was keeping me from the level of success I wanted.

Once I figured out which problem mindsets were impacting me and worked out a system to get rid of them and replace them with positive mindsets leading to action, everything changed.  I got “unstuck” for good.

Now, my passion in life is inspiring and motivating writers and creatives to do their best work and to reach their ideal audience. I live in beautiful Santa Barbara with my husband, two adult kids who find me only slightly embarrassing, and a tiny yet hugely demanding furry writing buddy named Fiona.