Are you lacking clarity in your writing and in your writing career?

You need a writing coach.

Why use a writing coach?

When you know that you need to get in shape the right way, you hire a trainer. If you’ve noticed that your health isn’t what it could be, you hire a nutritionist. If your back hurts, you visit a chiropractor. Feeling sad? You book an appointment with a therapist. Skin problems? Off to the dermatologist you go. It’s a no-brainer, right?   

Yet so many of us who are having fundamental problems with our writing never think of calling in a professional. Many of us hope that our friends, or our writing group, or even those “helpful” folks on Facebook boards, will give us that crucial dose of wisdom… but usually, that just results in more confusion.  

 We’re out to change that. 

When you’re stuck, you really need someone with a critical eye to get you out of your rut. What you really need is a professional. Someone kind, compassionate, objective, and supportive, to guide you.  

 Talking to a coach who will listen and help you to come up with solutions that work can save you lots of anguish and time. It can mean saving on your editing costs as well, by catching certain potential issues before they become a major problem.  

Karena Akhavein is your PhD writing coach, with both the education and the years of experience working with creatives on their mindset and productivity. A successful book is not just about grammar, characters, and punctuation. Your success doesn’t simply lie in finishing a rough draft. This is where a writing coach comes in.  



 Readability & Clarity 

 Structure, Flow & Pacing   

 Character arcs  

 Storyline & Logic   

 Publishing & Promotion Strategy  

As a client, you start by describing your work and where you are stuck via our special form, so we can get right to the issues, before booking an appointment to chat. Sessions can be carried out via phone or Skype. Check out our 5 and 10 hour packages. There is a significant discount for the 10 hour option.

About your coach…

Karena Akhavein earned her PhD in literature from Columbia university. She has written and ghostwritten a number of novels and non-fiction works as well as screenplays, and served as senior editor for national and international magazines for over a decade.

Karena has organized motivational workshops and runs a supportive writing group out of Marin County.