Why use an editor?

Some writers, especially indie authors, think that they don’t need an editor.

The reasoning is that they’re a good writer, and that they’ll be able to catch any glaring errors. Spellcheck will do the rest. Maybe they’ll have a good friend or two read their work before they send it off to an agent or, even worse, hit the PUBLISH button. 

But writers, even the best writers, are too close to their work to effectively self-edit. And it’s not just about catching spelling and grammar errors. You need to consider:

Readability & Clarity

Structure & Flow

Character arcs

Storyline & Logic


Whether you plan on publishing conventionally or going the indie route, Karena Akhavein, Ph.D., can take your book from good to great, at a highly competitive price. Have more questions, want a quote? Click below.

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About your editor…

Karena Akhavein earned her PhD in literature from Columbia University. She has written and ghostwritten a number of novels and non-fiction works as well as screenplays, and served as senior editor for national and international magazines for over a decade.

Karena prides herself on implementing both “big picture” thinking and attention to detail as she strives to make your book shine.