Every writer has experienced writer’s block at some point in their career. When writer’s block strikes, we have a tendency to bemoan it and to wonder why it’s happening to us. So many sources of writer’s block lie in unhelpful, problematic mindsets. Conversely, all of the cures for writer’s block can also be found in a positive, growth mindset.

In this video, author, educator, and motivator Karena Akhavein, PhD, founder of Spalmorum and author of “Writer’s Block is A Pain in the Ass- But it’s All in Your Head” goes over some of the reasons that you may have writer’s block, discussing the foundations for her mindset-based method for curing and overcoming writer’s block by identifying the root causes and then eliminating the problems that can keep a writer from their purpose.

Karena uses the foundations of Motivation, information, and Inspiration to cure writer’s block once and for all and take you from aspiring writer to successful author.

She’ll discuss:

-How writing a book boils down to mastering a formula.

-How getting the information you need about writing, grammar, editing, publishing, and marketing your book is so crucial.

-Tapping into your true motivations.

-Keeping your ego from preventing you from writing your book.


Watch this video and begin to cure writer’s block once and for all.