How do I find a course subject that will sell?


Does it seem like my course idea could have high demand?


Before you take the considerable time to develop your online course, you must make sure it has the potential to sell. Sure, any course can launch to crickets without the proper promotion, but if your course doesn’t have an audience anywhere, it will never sell much despite all of your best efforts. The goal here is not to create more work for yourself, it’s to gain you an income stream so you can work less and write more!


-Is the topic trending? Are people talking about it?

-Have you done a keyword search?


There are many ways to verify whether a topic is popular. If it’s trending, be sure it’s not a fleeting trend, of course. In our course, we outline all of the best free tools for researching the popularity and potential of various topics, but in the meantime, do a few simple keyword searches and searches on YouTube and on online course marketplaces and see what pops up.


-Is your subject something that you could easily drum up interest for?


If your course is in a newer or obscure subject that doesn’t really exist, but that you think could be very helpful, have a conversation with a friend who is part of your target demographic, and pitch the idea. When I was developing this course, I found lots of courses about storytelling, lots of courses about course creation, but nothing that bridged those two subjects, i.e., teaching writers how to use storytelling to create a powerfully transformational course as an additional income stream. However, I had the feeling that it would be really useful. I had a chat with a friend and mentioned it, and she said, “oh wow, this would be perfect for my husband, and for me, for that matter! When you launch the course, we’ll be your first clients!”


That’s what you want to hear!


-Are there similar successful courses out there?


That’s proof of concept, and it’s usually a good thing. However, is the market saturated? Are the courses that already exist extremely popular and high quality, and can your course truly add anything new to the subject or serve a new demographic?


-Is there something unique about how you would teach such a course?


Our course will show you how to make sure your course is better than the other ones out there. You will use your own unique story, voice, and personality to give your course a unique spin. What’s your backstory? What are your qualifications? Do you have any achievements that will impress your students and that they can emulate?


Now that you’ve had a chance to read about some of the ways of telling whether your course idea has the potential to be successful, what are you thinking? Take a sheet of paper and brainstorm. Is your subject becoming more clear? I would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email. And if this all sounds wonderful to you and you would like to use your unique creative and storytelling talents to craft a truly transformational online course, join me inside Course Creation for Storytellers.