You may have noticed that I sell writing-related coffee mugs on this website.That’s cool and all, but the more interesting thing is why I do it.

The answer: I’m kind of obsessed with coffee. Many writers are. You’ve probably seen the meme that states that “my superpower is turning caffeine into stories.” Those who are not coffee drinkers most certainly enjoy cups of tea or hot chocolate or heck, maybe wine, or a snack, as they write. And it makes sense.

Why do writers love coffee?

-It’s comforting. And mindset is everything.

-It makes the writing process feel like a ritual, and one we look forward to, so that we keep our writing appointments with ourselves.

-Having something to eat or drink makes us feel safe and at home, things that are needed in order to summon the vulnerability that is required to pour your guts on a page.

-Buying a coffee is the price of admission to certain co-working spaces where you can write without feeling so isolated (read: coffee shops).

-In terms of coffee, if you have ADHD like me, it helps to do focus enough to stay on task when you are working out something complicated like a convoluted plot or book promotion.

I think we can all agree on at least one or two of these points, probably more.

So can we also agree that writers need to feel comforted, inspired, safe,  motivated, and not so alone? Definitely, right?

That’s why writers who can afford it in any way hire a writing coach. I started working as a writing coach because I wish I could have had that kind of writing support when I first started off as a young and confused author.

If being a successful author is important to you, you can’t afford not to get that kind of support.

If finishing your book faster and growing your author platform to get more book sales is part of your financial goal, joining a program like my Writing Coach on Demand is a tiny investment that can pay off big.

-You’ll save time by blasting through roadblocks and avoiding common writing pitfalls that negatively impact authors as they work on their books.

-You’ll protect your energy and your relationships by maintaining a positive mindset, making you a better writer and a better person to be around when you’re not writing.

-You’ll save money by knowing what to pay, and what not to pay for when hiring writing and publishing professionals.