A bad cover is an expensive mistake that cheapens your book.

Indie authors are often lost when it comes to getting a great cover design. Sometimes, they’ll go on a discount site.   Usually, they still end up paying a fortune. But the result is usually the same. A crappy cover. You know the ones.

The ones that look DIY.

The ones that have a thousand different fonts on them.

The ones that are unreadable.

The ones that look identical to everything else that’s out there.

The ones that confuse you as to what genre they belong to.

The ones with the obvious stock images we’ve seen a million times.

The ones that are way too busy.

The ones that are just plain tacky.

The ones that are “ready made” and don’t represent your brand properly.

Why is your book cover so important?

Your book cover is the first impression your potential readers get. If your cover is bad, or cheap looking, or does not represent your writing, that is gonna be a problem. It might make a huge difference in sales. You need a book cover you can be proud of. The cover  is the most obvious element that represents your specific book and story. Also, it’s crucial that your cover positions itself well into your personal author brand. When potential readers see your book’s cover, they should immediately know what to expect. The book cover should evoke an emotional reaction and accurately represent the genre of your book. You won’t have the same design for a romance, a mystery, chick lit, or literary fiction.

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