Writing is a journey- might a writing retreat be a vital part of it for you?


Writing a book is a commitment.

Many authors wonder why they haven’t finished their book yet. Some are making excuses. but for some writers, it all boils down to distractions, obligations, not prioritizing yourself and what is important to you.

What of you could get away from it all, go to a beautiful spot where you could focus on your writing project, create new writing habits, and build unstoppable momentum?

I know people who have booked a cabin in the woods to write. Sometimes, it worked out. Sometimes, it failed spectacularly. Because they didn’t have structure. Because being away from everything and everyone they love, with long, empty hours in front of them wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

So book a writing retreat with your writing coach. We’ll be able to tailor the experience to you, to give you what you truly need to finish this writing project, whether it’s structured writing time, one-on-one critique and strategy, group discussions, and even add-ons such as yoga, cooking, hiking, and more, in your choice of beautiful Santa Barbara or rural Virginia.

Once the retreat is over, the accountability and motivation don’t end there. You’ll get access to 6 months of Writing Coach on Demand to keep you going.

Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out figure out how to build a writing retreat that will work for you- you’ll be the first to know when our retreats go live, and you’ll get 20% off the normal rate.