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Writer’s block is not really why writers fail.

Yes, writer’s block is a pain in the ass. But your blocks all boil down to certain harmful mindsets, which are held by so many writers. Learn how to ditch the excuses, beat the odds, and go from aspiring writer to successful author with this book full of actionable advice from writing coach and author Karena Akhavein, Ph.D.

“A brilliant thriller with a smart female protagonist. Pure escapism.”

“Publish or perish?” Graduate student Christina Desroches’ research certainly seems a little dangerous. The Medieval text she’s working on was never supposed to be translated, according to its narrator. Soon, Christina will come to understand that something in the manuscript is important enough to kill for. Her scholarly research becomes a desperate quest for the truth that has her racing from New York to Paris, to the remote village of Sainte Enimie. This is a place where history has left many marks, but all is not as it seems. Christina fights to solve a mystery that is literally in her blood, and discovers that nothing is written in stone.